Personal & Social

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Personal-Social Services

Establishing a good relationship with your school counselor helps provide students with general support and needed assistance for future planning. The CHS Counselors provide all students with personal and social support. Students can make appointments with their counselor to address personal issues such as: grief/loss, relationships, friendship problems, family problems, abuse, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts, chemical dependency, health concerns, and any other problems that students may encounter.

Counselors are also available to assist students with social issues such as conflicts with friends, mediation, harassment/bullying, and feelings of isolation. Please make appointments with the counseling secretary, Sydni Weeks. Let our secretary know if a situation is an emergency, so that we can promptly see to student needs.

Although school counselors provide in school support services, ongoing therapy needs to be provided by outside resources, in accordance with the American School Counselor Association’s guidelines and ethics. Your school counselor can provide you with a list of possible therapists within our community.

Again, we encourage all students to meet with their counselor individually, even if students do not have the above issues to establish a positive helping relationship. This will allow the counselors to better know each student at Capital, so that we are able to provide outstanding recommendations for post high school education and career opportunities.


After Hours Crisis Numbers:

Suicide Prevention Hotline - 800-273-TALK  

Child Protective Services - 360-725-6700

Teen Crisis Line - 360-586-2800

Youth Help Line - 360-586-2777  

Community Youth Resources 360-943-0780