Health and Fitness

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Troy Mickelson

Health and Fitness Department Head

Strength Training

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Jennifer Bush

Fitness and Body Shape 

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Liz Canright

Fitness and S.O.P.E. 

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Terry Rose

Health and Fitness

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Katie Turcotte

Health and Fitness

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Health and Fitness Department Mission 

Capital High School Health and Fitness Department Mission Statement


Our philosophy is based on the belief that Fitness/Health, as an integral part of the total education process, provides movement-centered and knowledge-based activities that focus on the intellectual, emotional,  social, and physical needs of students, enabling them to realize their fullest potential.

The mission of the Health and Fitness department is to provide varied experiences that allow individuals to enter adult life with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to enjoy a physically active, and healthy lifestyle.


Department Goals


  • Physical - The students understand their potential and constantly strive to better their skills, and realize the importance of physical exercise.

  • Social - The students abide by the rules, demonstrate good sportsmanship, accept responsibility, contribute to the welfare of the group, and respect the rights of others.

  • Emotional - The students demonstrate self-control regardless of how trying the situations may be, consider cooperation rather than winning at all costs, and gain relaxation through physical activity as a participant or as a spectator.

  • Mental - The students learn rules, strategies, and an understanding of activities for participation or as a spectator.


Course requirements


Three full semesters of Fitness and one semester of Health (9th grade year) are required for graduation. Freshman Fitness and Health are done during the 9th grade school year. One additional year of Fitness can be completed during 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Students wishing to petition for a waiver must meet certain criteria. The waiver process is done by the counselor. To complete a balanced two-year required program of Health and Fitness, students take the following: One semester of 9th grade Health and one semester of 9th grade Fitness and two semesters of either 10th-12th Fitness, body shape or weight training.