Social Studies

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It is the goal of the Social Studies Department to aid students in developing an understanding of the responsibilities and principles of living and participating in a democratic society in a diverse, interdependent, and changing world. It is believed that social studies courses will further the development of language arts. Each student should read, write, reason, listen, and participate with increased skill after each course.

Michael DeakinsMichael Deakins

AYA Social Studies Instructor (NBCT): Room A12
(360) 596-8222

Joe DebruyneJoe Debruyne

Social Studies: Room A8
(360) 596-8042

Steve HamiltonSteve Hamilton

Social Studies: Room A6
(360) 596-8000

John JohnsonJohn Johnston

Social Studies: Room A5
(360) 596-8058

Ken JolingKen Joling

Social Studies: Room D4
(360) 596-8238

Lynne KenyonLynne Kenyon

Social Studies/Department Head/Key Club Adviser: Room A3
(360) 596-8270

Brian VandiverBrian Vandiver

Social Studies: Room A4
(360) 596-8066