Capital Athletic Staff

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Welcome to Capital High School athletics.  Participating in sports is an excellent way to get involved.  Here are the sports that CHS offers:

Fall Sports                                         Winter Sports                                Spring Sports                                             
Boys/Girls Cross Country                 Boys/Girls Basketball                    Baseball
Boys Tennis                                         Boys/Girls Wrestling                      Boys/Girls Track
Volleyball                                             Girls Bowling                                    Girls Tennis
Football                                                Gymnastics                                       Boys Soccer
Girls Swim                                           Boys Swim                                         Fastpitch
Girls Soccer                                                                                                       Boys/Girls Golf

Cheerleading and Dance try-outs are prior to the end of the school year.


CHS Trainer: Cadi [email protected]


Fall Sports Head Coaches:
Girls Cross Country: Margret Dallas-[email protected]
Boys Cross Country: Mike Lunde-
Boys Tennis: Tom Alongi-[email protected]
Volleyball: Kelli Liddane-[email protected]
Football: Terry Rose-[email protected]
Girls Swim: Patty Peterson-[email protected]
Girls Soccer: Adriana Montes-[email protected]
Cheer Coach: Kara Mercer-[email protected]
Dance Coach: Sung Ja

Winter Sports Head Coaches:
Boys Basketball: Marcus Whittaker-[email protected]
Girls Basketball: Wendy Carlson-[email protected]
Boys/Girls Wrestling: Jim Belleville-[email protected]
Girls Bowling: Mike Deakins-[email protected]
Girls Gymnastics: Jess Croocker-[email protected]
Boys Swim: [email protected]

pring Head Coaches:
Baseball: Brian Shannon-[email protected]
Girls Track: Margret Dallas-[email protected]
Boys Track: Michael Dallas-[email protected]
Girls Tennis: Tom Alongi-[email protected]
Boys Soccer: Jeremy Richtmyre-[email protected]
Fastpitch: Amanda
Boys Golf: Steve Hamilton-[email protected]
Girls Golf: Kurt Playstead-[email protected]