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P.I.R.A.T.E.S. - A guide to social studies "thinking" and research

Use the following terms and guiding key questions to assist you in creating a complete picture of the topics, region, and people encountered within the social studies.

Political (the way people govern)

Types of government

  • Monarchy: King, queen, royal family holds leadership role and create laws.
  • Constitutional Monarchy: Royalty holds leadership title, but their ruling power is restricted by a constitution and law.
  • Oligarchy: A small group holds power and dictates law. Sometimes this group is made up of the aristocracy, military, or clergy.
  • Dictatorship: A single powerful leader holds controls any or all aspects of region and people.
  • Democracy (pure): All citizens vote on all issues and leadership.
  • Republic: Citizens elect leaders and representatives who make laws.
  • Anarchy: Absence of government.


Ideology/Intellectual ( the way people think/ levels of education and skills)

Religion (types of faith)

What are the different religions of the region/people? How many different religions are there? Is there a dominant religion? What percentage of the population belongs to each different faith? What are the similarities and differences of the religions? Is religion present in the government (political parties, constitution rights/law/courts, etc.)? Are there significant religious tensions?


Aesthetics (art, architecture, music, etc)

Are there distinctive arts and crafts? What do homes, religious structures, and other buildings look like? What characterizes the music of the region/people? Are there major musical accomplishments?


Technology (communication, transportation, and production) Infrastructure

Things needed to support an economy such as roads, phones, electricity, water, internet, ports, airports, canals, etc.


Economy (distribution of goods/services, wealth of society) Economic systems

Capitalism, socialism, communism. Imports:Goods created in foreign region that are accepted into the region that receives them. Exports: Goods created domestically that are shipped to regions outside of the one they originated. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Total dollar value of all good and services produced in a country in one year. (need to do more)


Social( how people live, equality, interaction,)