Lateral Reading using SIFT

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    Lateral Reading using SIFT

    Open new tabs to SIFT your information and verify the source.


    S - Stop and ask yourself:

    1. Is this a source I already know is 100% trustworthy? or is it a source that I'm unfamiliar with?

    2. Is the source trying to play with my emotions, (pathos) to get a reaction rather than give quality information?  




    I - Investigate the source:

    1. Can you find the author/sponsor of the information?  What are their credentials? Education? Experience? Affiliations? Can you find an "about us" or "contact us" link?  Does it give more than an email address?  That is, is there a phone number or postal address to contact for more information?

    2.  What's their motivation/agenda?  Are they selling something, trying to sway your opinion, or providing factual information?  Are they biased because they will make money or form more alliances if more people believe what they are saying?




    F - Find other coverage:

    1. Can I find the claim I'm wanting to use in other trustworthy sources?



    T - Trace claims to their original source:

    1. Do they cite the sources of their information so you can go to the original source?

    2. Is it a primary or secondary source?

Additionally, recognize and take into consideration the internet address domain:

  • commercial or business  = .com

  • educational institutions  = .edu

  • government agencies  = .gov

  • military organizations  = .mil

  • network resources  =  .net

  • organizations (non-profit and others)  =  .org