Boys Swim

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This above link is for you to use to get better at racing. Every race should be processed. It’s really important to specifically identify what went well, and even more important to identify what you need to do better next time to improve your results. The following link helps guide you through this thinking (and also helps you share it with your coaches).

This link is a video guide for your off season training, as well as any weight training you might do during the swim season. It’s important for every swimmer to watch because there are tremendous benefits to gain from weight training, but there is also a risk that training the wrong way can actually make you perform worse as an athlete in any sport. Please pay special attention to what it means to ALL of your exercises for a full range of motion!


Weight Lifting to Improve your Athletic Performance

Here is a link to the specific swimming-related exercises discussed in the video. These exercises are geared towards strength and flexibility required for swimming. They are geared to help you swim more efficiently, and ultimately, more effectively.