Do you speak IB: abbreviations and descriptions

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Anticipated Candidate: A junior who has announced their intention to follow the requirements to obtain an IB diploma. It is recommended that all juniors declare themselves as anticipated diploma candidates because this won't require them to do this, but changing from course candidate (see below) to diploma candidate is difficult at best, i.e., the student will have to retest in all the subjects they tested in in their junior year.

CAS: Creativity, Action, Service hours. Required of all diploma candidates About 270 hours during the junior and senior year including summer.

Course Candidate: This is a student, either junior or senior, who is choosing to test in only some IB classes and so will not be able to receive the IB diploma.

Diploma Candidate: Senior who is continuing to meet all requirements to receive and IB diploma.

EE: Extended essay. A guided 4000-word research paper required of all diploma candidates. Begun in Spring of junior year and completed Fall of senior year.

Externally Assessed: Any IB component which is only graded (assessed) by a moderator outside of CHS, e.g., written assignment in English, ToK essay and extended essay, papers (see below)

Externally moderated: A component of a student's IB grade which is assessed by a teacher at CHS (see IA), and then is reviewed by an IB moderator outside the school to insure that IB standards are being applied correctly and consistently.

HL: Higher level. A two-year course sequence prior to testing. At CHS these subjects are Chemistry, English and History.

IA: Internal assessment. A required component of all IB classes. Varies according to subject. Internally assessed (graded), externally moderated.

IB: International Baccalaureate.

Paper: This is IB speak for the tests which the students 'write' in May of each year.

SL: Standard level. A single year course assessed in May of that year. At CHS these subjects are all World Languages (referred in IB speak as Language B), Mathematics, Math Studies, ITGS (Information Technology in a Global System), Theatre Arts and Psychology.

ToK: Theory of Knowledge. A class begun during junior year which meets as a regular class during senior year. Required of all diploma candidates.