Supporting Your IB Student

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Ask To See Your Student's Planner and Teach Your Student To Stay Organized

PAYOFF: Student can see the importance of being accountable for his/ her assignments and grade. Student can spend time working, not searching or cramming. Success in IB is all about time management.

Help Your Student Get Enough Sleep

Teens need nearly as much sleep as infants. Set an "in bed no later than" time. Staying up all night is NOT necessary in IB. Allow them to sleep extra on the weekends (within reason). Work on time management skills -- identify and reduce wasted time.

PAYOFF: Student will be healthier, and a less stressed out kid = happier home.

Reduce Distractions

Teens will claim to be studying while watching TV, posting on Facebook, following Twitter and texting. Discuss having only one "screen" active at a time. Surreptitiously monitor (overt monitoring will lead to arguments and secrecy).

PAYOFF: Homework will get done much faster and teens can have time to relax

Keep Students Home When They Are Sick

PAYOFF: Students get better faster, other students stay healthy

Schedule Extracurricular Activities Outside of the School Day

Missing class for activities such as appointments, camps, trips, etc. make it difficult for students to keep up and / or make up missing work and often leads to stress and illness.

PAYOFF: Student experiences lesson, doesn't have to make up work later

Encourage Student Responsibility to Communicate with Teacher

Teachers really do want to help and appreciate students who talk TO them rather than go around them. Particularly when students have a question or miss school, a quick email or conversation can go a long way to resolve uncertainty and encourage mature handling of situations.

PAYOFF: Student gets information they need and the teacher knows student values the learning

Encourage Excellence, But Don't Demand Perfection

PAYOFF: Students will rise to meet or expectations . . . or (some) will die trying. IB and CHS (and colleges) value a balanced student. From the IB Learner Profile: "[IB Students] understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others."

Remind Your Student That Mistakes are Part of the Learning Process

PAYOFF: Student remains positive and motivated

Ask Your Student about What He / She is Learning

PAYOFF: Students grasp material better when they can explain it to others

Be Wary of Letting Your Student Get Overextended

IB kids frequently want to do everything. No one can do everything well, and trying to do so invariably spells collapse, so setting priorities is important. Be honest with your family - are academics the priority or are athletics? Family time or straight As? Make choices that reflect your values and don't be afraid to set limits.

PAYOFF: Happier, healthier family with less drama. Less feeling fractured and distracted.

Remind Your Student about the Importance of Academic Integrity and Doing Their Own Work

Plagiarism or other forms of cheating can have serious consequences, from grade reduction, suspension, not getting into college or (in college) expulsion. When caught, students frequently claim they cheated in a panic over suddenly realizing they had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. Don't encourage your student to use outside resources when they feel stuck or at the last minute. Instead, encourage them to take responsibility, contact their teacher and ask for help. The outcome will always be better.

PAYOFF: Students will develop responsibility, confidence, and pride. Also, students will avoid serious problems.

Value Learning Over Grades

While grades are important in our society, try to teach your student that if they value the learning, the grade will come. Stressing out over points and plusses and minuses is time better spent studying. Remind your student that colleges weight IB grades and that a B in an IB class is comparable to an A in a regular class.

PAYOFF: Less stress and complaining and wasted time