How can my son or daughter make up Fitness Class?

Make up days are on Tuesday starting 7:15 to 7:45am or Thursdays 2:45 to 3:15pm. Students need to be dressed down and meet at the fitness portable. What your son or daughter will do for makeup will be determined by the teacher, weather and space available. Students are asked to sign in for make-up days, they will find the sign in sheet with the instructor. Only excused attendance or excused non-dresses can be made up.

Is it required to have a uniform?

Yes, Health & Fitness are part of our program for safety and hygiene. Students can wear sweatpants and sweatshirts of their choice.

What happens if I don't have clothes?

The Health and Fitness staff have extra clothes for students to borrow. We wash these clothes daily. Students need to check them out from the H.F. staff in the appropriate locker room.

If my student has a sport after school can that count as a H.F. make-up?

No, because athletic and health programs have different goals and objectives.

After school make up is a time for students to make up test/quizzes, and make up fitness time due to illness or injury.

What happens if my son/daughter misses a fitness day?

If this time is excused they can make up this time before school on Tuesday at 7:15 am or after school on Thursday at 2:45pm. They must be dressed down and on time. Fitness make up is in the portable. The fitness portable is between the gym and the tennis courts.