Boys Soccer

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Capital Boys Varsity Soccer Program

*If you are an incoming player for the 2023-24 HS season, please message Coach Jeremy via the email below to get added to the team group chat for training sessions, fundraising, and other information throughout the school year.*


Head Soccer Coach: Jeremy Richtmyre

[email protected]

JV Soccer Coach: Adriana Montes
[email protected]


Assistants: Alfonso Magana and Tyler Sharpe
Instagram -- @CapitalHSBoysSoccer
Facebook – Capital HS Boys Soccer


Team Goal

Our team goal is to compete at a high level – both in the classroom and on the field, to encourage personal growth for every player, and to leave the Program better than we found it each year.


Coaching Staff Commitment to the Program

  • Will maintain an open-door policy with both player and parents.
  • Will endeavor to always prioritize player development – on and off the field.
  • Will always make time for the student athletes and their parents.
  • Will be fair and impartial concerning both rostering and playing time.


Expectations of Student Athletes




Rules: Adhere to all Capital High School and WIAA participation rules (academic, sport-specific, athletics, etc.).


Communication: Proper communication is crucial to ensuring a strong Program. You will be expected to communicate with your team’s coach, in advance (as possible), for any absences, grade problems, or other issues that arise during the season.


Practice Participation: Be aware that tryouts are the first 3 days of the season. Failure to appear at all

three days of tryouts may relegate a player to start at the JV or C-Team level, regardless of prior season’s roster position, at the coach’s discretion.


Practices are intended to be both intense, as well as technically and physically challenging. Team discipline will be a point of emphasis for any players on the Varsity Team. Come to practice ready to work and help improve both yourself and your team.


Players may be asked to leave practice or may be removed from the Varsity Team roster if there are issues with team discipline and/or focus.


Practices will start at their scheduled time. Ensure you are ready to go when the practice is scheduled to begin.


Absences from practices are not allowed except by the permission of your team’s coach. Failure to communicate effectively may result in loss of playing time, demotion to a different team, or removal from the Program. Coaches will strive to be understanding as we understand that unforeseen issues can arise – however –you must communicate with your coach asap.


If you are injured, you are expected to still come to practice. Some exceptions may be allowed at your coach’s discretion.


Participate in Team Activities: Participation in team activities is mandatory. These activities may include team bonding activities, fundraising efforts, or other events.


Exceptions may be made on a limited basis for conflicts related to school or family commitments.


Team Camaraderie: Treat the members of your team as you would like to be treated. Bullying,
harassing, or other derogatory actions (verbal or physical) will not be tolerated.


Out Of Season (not required, but strongly encouraged)

  • Participate in strength/cardio training exercises when able.
  • Participate in team bonding / soccer kick around activities when able.
  • Participate in fundraising events as able. Please note: All student athletes in the Program will be expected to participate in fundraising efforts annually.


Expectations of Parents


Support the Program and the Coaching Staff: Please understand that the coaching staff is doing their best to coach their teams and to help reinforce good habits in these young men.


Playing time will often be uneven – particularly on the Varsity Team. If your player has questions about his playing time, positioning on the field, etc.; please encourage him to have an honest conversation with the coaching staff. It is their responsibility to do so.


Support Your Players – On and Off the Field: It may seem obvious, but players can only be successful on the field if they feel supported at home. You, not the coaching staff, are the most important variable in your child’s ability to perform on the field.


Be Involved: Come to the games whenever you are able and cheer the boys on.


Volunteer: Ask the coaching staff if you would like to be involved in assisting the Program. Opportunities may be limited, but we sincerely appreciate your help.