Geometry - MVP


Ms. Broderick Room C-5

Geometry Expectations


Welcome to Geometry!! It is important that you are in a classroom that provides a positive learning environment so that you will be able to achieve success. As in all classrooms, the general school rules and guidelines described in the student handbook are followed. It is my expectation that each student will…

  • Arrive to class on time with the proper tools
  • Be respectful of people and property
  • Take responsibility for your own actions (or inaction)
  • Participate fully in classroom activities
  • Pursue educational excellence as the key to your future


Required supplies: Instructional materials, paper, pencil, scientific calculator, compass, ruler, and protractor


Grading:       Assessments:           80%

                Assignments            10%

                Activity                 10%


The class grade will be a weighted mix of the three components listed above. The assessment category will include all quizzes and unit tests. The assignment category will include designated lessons and assignments that are checked. The activity category includes group activities, specific projects, and warm up participation points.


The Mathematics department at CHS is committed to the goal of helping students achieve mastery in their subject by reducing test anxiety. To further that goal, we have determined that students will be allowed to retake unit tests under the following conditions:

  • Student has taken original test on the date given
  • Students absent on original test date will only be allowed the retake as a makeup
  • Student must provide evidence of review or remediation before the retake
  • Student is present at the retake date slotted by the teacher, within a reasonable time from the original (usually two weeks or less)
  • Students sitting for a retake will receive the RETAKE SCORE!!
  • Students will be given an opportunity to take two retakes per semester only.


The mathematics department at CHS is also committed to helping students develop study habits that promote lifelong learning. We feel that completing the lessons and daily assigned work is very important to the mastery of the subject matter and helps students develop a strong work ethic. Students will be expected to have completed all unit lessons and assignments (even those not designated to be checked) prior to a test. The designated work will be accepted for credit until 3:00pm the day before a unit test. No late work will be accepted. (Special arrangements will be made for extended absences or extended illness.)


Please contact me through my school email [email protected] if you have any concerns/questions about classroom practices or student progress reports. I look forward to a great year!!