IB Calculus HL

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Textbook - Mathematics Higher Level; Oxford University Press; ©2012

Supplies - For this class you will need the following supplies:

  • a 3-ring binder with paper, or a spiral-bound notebook
  • some pencils and pens
  • graph paper
  • a graphing calculator (required)

Assessments - We will have an exam at the end of each unit of study. We may also have periodic quizzes to check how things are going. Points will be given for both showing reasonable work and getting a correct answer. There will be a final exam at the end of each semester. All of the topics that were covered during that semester will be assessed. The IB formula booklet will be provided on most exams.

Retakes - Any test during the course of the semester may be retaken subject to the following guidelines:

  1. You may only retake two tests during each semester
  2. Retakes will be scheduled by the teacher for a given day
  3. You will need to demonstrate that you have improved your understanding in order to earn the privilege of a retake 
  4. Your new test score will be the score on your retake
  5. There are no retakes on final exams
  6. If you are absent when the first test is given, the retake is your only opportunity

Project - The course requires the completion of a long-term project. This project is a substantial piece of mathematical research and application or exploration. Although the project is the internal assessment for IB students, it is required of all students in the course whether or not you are testing.

Homework - Although much of the work we do will be completed in class, there will be some problems assigned for work at home on most nights. The homework is not part of the class grade, but successful completion of the work is necessary to perform well on the exams. Time will be spent discussing the previous night's work and different ways to recognize and methods to solve the problems. All the homework problems are worked out on the following website:
  IB Calc HL homework solutions

Grades & Grading scale - The following percentages comprise your class grade:

  • Tests & Quizzes = 90%

  • Project (IA) = 10%

All grades will be determined using the following scale:

A   = 92.5 - 100%
A-  = 90 - 92.49%
B+ = 87 - 89.99%
B   = 82.5 - 86.99%
B-  = 80 - 82.49%
C+ = 77 - 77.99%
C   = 72.5 - 76.99%
C-  = 70 - 72.49%
D+ = 67 - 69.99%
D   = 60 - 66.99%
F   = 0 - 59.99%

Because of the opportunities for retakes, I will NOT round up your overall percentage (no matter how close you are to the next grade!) If you have truly given your best effort, then you should be proud of the grade you have earned.

Scope & Sequence:

1st semester

  • Sequences & series
  • Functions
  • Polynomials & Complex Numbers
  • Logarithms & Exponentials
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Vectors

2nd semester

  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus
  • Further Calculus & Applications
  • Limits of Sequences
  • Continuity & Differentiability
  • Differential Equations
  • Convergence Tests for Series
  • Power, Taylor, & Maclaurin Series

Classroom Rules -

The rationale for any classroom policy is to maintain the integrity of the academic environment. There are some specific rules that are school-wide and will be enforced:

  1. In an effort to combat cyber-bullying, cell phone usage during class is prohibited and will result in the confiscation of your phone (even if it is your mother texting you...)
  2. Food and drink (with the exception of water) will not be permitted in class
  3. Plagiarism and cheating will be dealt with in a manner that fits the situation, and the incident will go into your student record
  4. Otherwise, feel free to do anything you want provided it does not cause a problem for anyone else.
    • If you cause such a problem, then I will ask you to fix it.
    • If you are unable or unwilling to fix it, then I will determine consequences based on your unique situation after some consideration.

Absence Policy -

1) Make every effort to be in class, on-time each day

  • absences and tardies make it much harder to be successful
  • tardies will be dealt with under the new school policy

2) If you have a pre-arranged absence, please see me beforehand so we can find a way to plan for what you will miss.

3) If you have an unplanned absence during the week, please:

  • Contact a friend for the notes and assignment, or
  • Send me an e-mail before 2:30 that school day to [email protected]or
  • Check Skyward for the assignment, or
  • Check the website calendar

4) If you are confused about something we studied or just need some time to work, I am available for help before school at 7:15 each morning and many days after school also. I will be unavailable on some occasions due to other responsibilities.



Fractal Images are courtesy of Blatte's Fractals (http://exoteric.roach.org). Used by permission.